Delivering Sustainable Events


If you’ve heard about event greening before (better known as sustainable event management), you will know that this kind of event planning is focused on social, environmental or economic situations. In some cases, the sustainable event will be focused on all three areas of concern. A responsibly hosted event will highlight the project’s key players for their involvement with event greening.

Simply put, our futures depend on sustainability. Demonstrate this and your company’s brand image is sure to improve. Let’s learn more about delivering sustainable events and how you can excel at it.

Companies everywhere are reaping the rewards of event greening. Through the incorporation of environmentally conscious decision-making during the event organizing process, several things can be influenced, including participation, engagement and trust.

Going green is a best practice that many businesses are adopting, and not just because it ‘looks good’. When you work in a sustainable manner and can promote this through sustainable event management, you can connect with your target audience much easier.

Consider this – if a potential customer is on the lookout for an item of clothing, an electrical gadget or something else from a company, the buyer will likely have certain preferences. One of those preferences may be that they would rather buy from a brand that incorporates green initiatives into their everyday work. In that case, chances are they will want to work with you!

Here are some sustainable event ideas to consider for your forthcoming product launch, conference, or meeting:

  • Locally Sourced Food Events – Dish up treats prepared with organic ingredients from the surrounding land. Donate any food that has not been eaten to a charitable organization. Go that one step further by serving food in recyclable/recycled containers.
  • LED Tech Festival – Follow in the footsteps of the event organizers behind the “UK’s Greenest Festival” (the Croissant Neuf Summer Party) by powering everything with solar panel energy.
  • Community Projects – Invite the attendees of your sustainable event to donate non-perishable items to projects happening within the local community, like school projects and engineering programs.

Accomplishing the Sustainable Strategy

Sit down and really think about what you want the outcome of your event to be like before you select a venue. An outdoor venue or one that is constructed with recycled materials is a sign of sustainable thinking, which will be reflected on your brand image. Include everyone in the event and define a goal at the beginning. Make it fun, but don’t forget to get your message across.

For example, Paradise Point integrated conservation efforts into the event planning for their composting program, aiding the company in securing new partnerships with area farms for food sourcing purposes. They kept the focus on their goal to accomplish 100% local food sourcing and guess what? Paradise Point achieved it. 

By showing that you are concerned about making environmentally wise decisions through sustainable event management, attracting a ‘green’ audience will be a breeze. Make sure that all your team players are involved in the process, to prove your event greening strategy is legitimate and clearly represents your brand.

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