Crazy Sporting Events That Audiences Love

You’ve probably organized, or even played in, a softball game, bowling tournament, golf outing or volleyball competition as part of an employee event or more informally with your friends and family. And we love our sporting events. They bond people and give us the chance to have some fun with good old-fashioned competition. But not … More Crazy Sporting Events That Audiences Love

Three Days in Tokyo: One Smooth Stone on the Road

As an event and communications agency that serves clients around the world, One Smooth Stone is constantly on the road. As we travel, we take time to appreciate the cities and cultures we visit. A recent trip to Tokyo undertaken by Associate Producer Jonathan Williams is a case in point. While producing an event for … More Three Days in Tokyo: One Smooth Stone on the Road

Statement-Making Branding for Event Spaces

Event branding is an effective way for planners to boost awareness of a show, with many organizers using social media, email campaigns, newsletters and other content to spread the word. But don’t forget the crucial element of branding an event space itself. Instead of using the typical signage splattered all over the convention center or … More Statement-Making Branding for Event Spaces